my story

in 2019 i left a 20+yr career in mass market fashion to get back to what made me first fall in love with it. It's been a journey of self discovery and evolution of product, born out of my love for vintage and up cycled textiles.

Zero waste is the driving force behind every design and decision i make. let's just say I've seen too much and can never go back. we can never go back. but going forward we can do our best.

Ultimately It turns out that all I really needed was to make things… whatever things I wanted. The things I want to wear for a surf check, but way more badass than sweats. Cozy and soft things. It’s all the cloth that doesn’t ‘go together’ mixed up into one thing. I guess it’s like my life, probably most of our lives - but it works.

So started AlYIA [ I-YA ]

I had no idea what it would look like...

 Design for me happens when textiles come together on the cutting table and i move things around and around until it works. choosing different seams for every panel, mixing fabrics (and scraps) that i just happen to see near each other for an unexpected combination. And sewing, i just love sewing. i live to get lost in my work. if i dont answer a text, this is why.

I hope that you find a piece that you connect with. and know that once it’s made, it’s never made again. but really, i hope it makes you smile and knowing that it is one of a kind inspires you to remember that you are too. 

Now it feels like my life and career have come full circle and that child like wonder has followed.

What I didn’t see coming was how it felt to be part of a driven, strong and supportive community. Fueled by a shared love for one another’s experiences.

Meeting the new keepers of each piece, sharing stories and joy that comes from these threads that now connect us.

It also allows time to work/play with dogs. Sooo, no I dont have 20 dogs as it may appear in photos. Instead I have all these friends that love without motive, and remind me to do the same.